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Affordable artwork Singapore

Affordable Art Singapore

“To deliver beautiful, unique, yet affordable art works to average household in Singapore” has been the business mission for Gallery Mori since day one.

Artworks, paintings especially, are at 2 extreme ends in terms of price in Singapore.

At the cheaper end, there is the renowned Swedish brand in yellow and blue, most art paintings to: on the rack are below $100, some are even lower than $50. However, a problem comes along with its unbeatable, appealing price – too many consumers are buying the same, mass produced paintings.  Imagine your friends coming over to your newly renovated BTO flat for a housewarming party.  One of them points at the painting hanging on your living room wall and tells you that she knows a friend, and a relative and a friend of a friend who has the exact same art print, how unoriginal would you feel?

Affordable art Singapore

At the more expensive end, there are luxuriously renovated art galleries, in which staffs are dressed in suit and tie, probably with gloves on, too. Out of 10 people who are interested, 5 would just walk off as they are not so sure whether they will be welcomed inside, another 4 who have entered the gallery would, again, walk off the moment they see the price tags on those paintings. Congratulations to the last person who walks home with a beautiful and unique art piece that just cost him $3,500. The problem is, most of us fall under the category of the first 9 persons who walked off, aren’t we?

In between the cheap and expensive end, it is blank. There is no business accommodating the average households’ demand for beautiful, unique yet affordable art in Singapore. This is where we come in.

Gallery Mori is the host of a vast amount of affordable art in Singapore.  We pride ourselves on the specialized style each of our artists have brought to our gallery, so you never have to worry about the lack or originality.

The word affordable is as subjective as it gets.   With different budgets and spending powers, what may be considered affordable to one person, may seem like a whole lot more to someone else. As a whole-seller for affordable art in Singapore with our own production lines, Gallery Mori is able to produce and distribute a vast array of product offerings at below market prices.

Affordable art in Singapore is one thing, being exclusive, is another.  For most cases it would seem that you cannot have it both ways.

Is it really so?

Gallery Mori says “NO”.

We are passionate about featuring up-coming talents within the genre of Representational Art, Contemporary Art and Landscape. We work with some of the top art studios and institutions in the region and bring their work under the spotlight, in an effort to introduce them to bigger audiences. We feature a curated collection of affordable art in Singapore, ranging from limited edition prints to handcrafted art pieces, to hand-painted pieces. With every dollar you spend at Gallery Mori, a big portion of it goes to the artists who put in their hard work, skills, expertise and time in creating their artworks.

The term affordable encompasses a lot more than just the price tag.  You also have to keep in mind the quality and time placed into an art piece in order to determine its true worth.

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