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Art prints

Art Prints

Our retail staff are no strangers to this question “are these artworks painted or printed?”. The question usually comes from a customer who has spent the past 15mins browsing through our store collections, scanning the art prints from top to bottom, left to right, inch by inch. It is not a surprise that customers can’t tell whether our art pieces are painted or printed. The good news for customers looking for “original art prints” is that we equip ourselves with museum standard Ultra Giclee printing technique to capture the tiniest tonal change and finer detailing of the art work, to create marvelously similar-to-the-original art prints.

If getting art prints with unusual dimensions and shapes is a concern, click here for custom art prints.

Original art prints

While most of the players in the market are still using CMYK Colour Mode, Gallery Mori has upgraded its Color Mode to RGB which offers the widest selection of colours. By combining the primary colours (red, green and blue) in varying amounts, we can achieve any colour you would prefer on your art prints with satisfying accuracy, of which we are extremely proud!

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