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Canvas Prints

Paper or Canvas, which is better?

We get asked this question very often, and it is almost as important as the artwork or photograph itself.  The print is the final showpiece of the artist’s work and must reflect all the intricacies and nuances the artist or photographer intended, therefore becoming a further extension of the creative process.

canvas prints


Paper without a double is the most common and relatively inexpensive way of displaying an art work. It is made of plant fibers, most commonly cotton or wood, and when matted properly, it is able to avoid reflecting lights and causing glare and eventually, achieve a dramatic effect.

However, the raw material makes it subject to decay over time. Light, heat, humidity (do I even have to stress how humid Singapore is?) and pollutants all contribute to this process. When it comes to framing, paper nearly always buckles even when it’s properly sealed and stretched.


The traditional and time-honored surface for paintings is canvas. Nothing compares to the touch of an art print with a high-quality well-stretched canvas.

Gallery wrapped canvas prints offer a stylish, more sophisticated alternative to traditional framing.  It has been stretched over stretcher bars so that the sides will either be a continuation of the image or a solid color. They often have a vibrant 3D feel and have the look of a piece of work taken straight from a gallery or museum.   Custom designed stretcher bars prevent compression marks and creases during handling and shipping.

And most importantly, canvas prints survive humidity! It is able to breathe, expand and contract slightly with temperature and humidity changes, and an open back is best to encourage this process. It can even be hung in a humid section of your home such as a bathroom or basement. When it comes to cleaning, a gentle wipe of the canvas print surface with a soft, damp cloth will do the trick.

Liven up your home or work place with a simple step: