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Custom art prints

Custom Art Prints

While purchasing an art print, you are normally given options from A1 (85x120cm) to A4 (20x30cm).  This begs the question, are the options sufficient? what if you want something that’s 22.5×34.5cm in size? You would have no choice but to go for the next best option A4!

This situation will not occur when you order your custom art print with Gallery Mori.

Artworks should relate to wall size and furniture size and not overwhelm the room, nor be underwhelming in itself. If it is not thought about in the appropriate estimate, the art piece and the rest of the room compete for attention.  This akin to a situation where 1 + 1 results in less than 2. We understand how precision matters in achieving perfect balance within the area you choose to decorate.

When you purchase a custom art print from Gallery Mori, size is the last thing you need to worry about, simply pick the art design that catches your eye, and tell us the exact size you want. Feel like trying something bold and unexpected? We allow room for uniqueness by securing your custom art piece or original art print in a transparent frame, split seamless frame or even hexagonal frame.

Liven up your home or work place with a simple step: