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Hitomi studied graphic design at Achi Prefectural University of the Arts and works as an illustrator in Tyoko now.

Her work is essentially optimistic, whether the animals she portrays or the landscape, the emotions she aims to convey are hope and happiness. She is particularly inspired by the animals, plants of the countryside and is very good at capturing the quirks that mark out the individuals


Osaka based illustrator and handicraft artist, Hiroji has a passion for porcelain, hemp fabric as well as wood, he creates contemporary art, lighting and interior decorations. Delicate shapes and structures are created entirely by hand to created unique and stunning works of art.

​Working with porcelain, hemp fabric and wood, has allowed Hiroji to explore the boundaries of design. His unique pieces are inspired by the elements of Zen around us. They appear simple but, on closer inspection, reveal a stunning use of form, texture and depth to help people cultivate inner peace.


After spending 21 years in teaching Chinese painting, Wu moved to the beautiful city of Da Li and has been living and working there for the past 10 years.

Wu works in a wide variety of media, his watercolour and ink wash paintings are rich in colour and light, and are often inspired by the countryside and wildlife around him, or fables and narratives that have captured his imagination. Wu’s recent lotus paintings have explored the fascinating character of the plant, their beauty and charm as metaphors for integrity.


Sayuki studied Graphic Communication at Kyushu University and is now working at Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto as a museum archivist

Sayuki’s work explores the relationship between animals and humans in a light-hearted manner. She uses images of cats especially, placed out of context of their usual surroundings, onto a brightly coloured blank background.


Etsuji is a young artist from Miyagi. He studied classical painting in Paris,France, and pursued a degree in Fine Art Painting at City and Guilds of London Art School.

Etsuji’s new work is inspired by a research trip to Gui Lin where the temperamental light, and vibrant skies encouraged a playful exploration of paint and colour – while keeping the feel of movement within the waters and skies of the painting.


Erika has been a professional silk painter for 8 years. Always interested in pattern she first tried painting on silk while studying surface pattern design and textiles and was immediately hooked by the endless design possibilities the medium offered. The combination of the translucent fabric and the vibrant colours create irreplaceable unique images.

In Erika’s silk paintings, she uses the traditional gutta resist technique, every piece is hand drawn with Sumi pony hair brushes to apply a water based liquid pigment silk paint onto Habotai silk. No two pieces are alike


Koike is a printmaker and mixed media artist based in Osaka. He adopts a playful approach in his practice, often appropriating visual themes and incorporating these as printed motifs. He continues to experiment with different techniques, combining papercutting, collage, painting and screen printing. He takes inspiration from his surroundings particularly the colours, lines, shapes and patterns thatcan be found in nature.


Osaka based artist, Gakudo has a passion for abstract resin art.

He often uses glossy paint to create a strong sense of colour. The different colours react with one another to form a visible texture on the surface. Thanks to the perfectly mixed resin base, the paint dries to a smooth, highly reflective surface which integrates the viewer with the work. The untraditional use of glossy paint reflects the unique nature of the pieces.


Ayano has been painting for the last 10 years, 7 of those from her studio in Miyagi.

She is self taught and a hobby quickly became an obsession. Inspired by the nature and its ever changing mood she paints plants and landscape, usually on an up close approach, using colour and light to create artwork in a much defined style