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Japanese art

Japanese Art

As has been stated, the character of a man may be estimated by his attitude towards nature. If this is true, then the Japanese people should occupy a unique position among the nations of the world. No other race with which we are acquainted have the love of nature so strongly inborn and so widespread in them. It pervades through their whole lifestyle and inspires their art creations.

From as far back as the mid-19th century, many western Scandinavian artists were drawing inspiration from Japan. While Japonism, or Western art and aesthetics that show a Japanese influence, enjoyed great popularity throughout all of Northern Europe, its interpretation and effect would vary depending on the region and the artist. In Scandinavian countries, cultural and geographical reasons would create an aesthetic kinship with Japan that would go beyond mere exoticism, contributing to the formation of the popular modern art style of that region. After all, although these 2 regions are thousands of miles away from each other, they are both particular about details, yet pursue simplicity, and both prefer crude, raw beauty rather than the conventional decorative.

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Gallery Mori was conceived in 2014. Since then we have been working tirelessly, establishing relationships with numerous art studios and institutions in Japan, helping Japanese art to transcend its once very private space in Japan and find root in southeast Asia.

Gallery Mori operates on the secondary art market. We also feature limited edition, and original artworks for sale from some of the most forward thinking and innovative artists in the Japanese art scene: Nakajima Hitomi, Saito Hiroji, Koyama Sayuki, Maeda Etsuji, Yoshida Erica, Tanaka Koike, Kinoshita Gakudo and Osuka Ayano.

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