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Scandinavian Art

Scandinavian art – that which celebrates the natural world – invites a sense of calm into our homes. Dapples of colour provide fun and joy without overwhelming the senses.

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to scandinavian art, they have perfected that sentiment to a fine art. It celebrates colour, but only by using it in small amounts to create greater impact. The result? Simply stunning.

Let’s break it down. Given the many stresses of modern, urban life, we all yearn for things in our lives that make things easier; we yearn for a connection to nature; and we yearn for calm. Scandinavian art brings all three into our everyday lives by featuring something that is visually calming, yet inspirational.

The word “もり (Mori)” means forest in Japanese. In fact, Scandinavian artists had drawn inspiration from Japanese art too.

We certainly are not able to bring you to a whole forest, but with the creation of our exquisite, elegant and vivid canvas prints, we can bring an essence of it to you, kind of like a little window to another part of the world, hung on your otherwise plain wall.

From a pinecone hidden in the soil to a tadpole swimming in the creek, most artworks Gallery Mori features are the seemingly insignificant, yet poignantly beautiful wonders of nature. There may be no Wifi in the forest, but we promise you will find an even better connection with our Scandinavian Art.

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Scandinavian art